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  • WMI Operating system Exporter Pro

    Sure this is something simple.

    But if I execute a WMI Query from Hyena on a Win7 64 bit machine I get the operating system details back.

    If I try to do the same thing in Exporter pro I get the column names but no detail.

    Any ideas ?


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    Are you seeing any errors in the Export Progress Messages window in Exporter Pro? Blank output file indicates no data is being returned to Exporter Pro for some reason, so check to see if any errors are being reported.


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      If I turn on logging it says success.

      It it's actually blank it has headings eg _Class _Derivation . But no data.



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        Since you're seeing results for this computer in Hyena, there are a few things that might be different in Exporter Pro:

        1. Go to the Configuration menu and choose Export Configuration Properties and click the Export Properties button. Check to see if Ping is enabled, and if so disable it just in case ping is failing causing it to skip the WMI query.

        2. On that same dialog you can check the box to Use Netbios name (instead of DNS name) for remote computer access.

        3. If none of the above makes a difference there's an advanced setting in Hyena for WMI timeouts that was just added to Exporter Pro in Hyena v11. You'll see this on each of the WMI templates, such as Operating System that you're using. The setting is WMI Query Timeout (seconds) and you'll want to increase that value to give more time for Windows to return results to Exporter Pro.