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WMI Query for Certificates

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  • WMI Query for Certificates

    How can I use Hyena to query certificates on a computer?

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    There looks to be a couple of options worth testing. I don't seem to have any certificates on my systems that are online now, so try these two locations and let me know what you find:

    1. In the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SystemCertif icates\MY\Certificates
    2. There is a WMI class that should work as well. Right-click on a computer that you know has certs installed, and choose WMI > Execute Query, then click the New button. Enter the following:

    WMI Query Name: Client Credentials
    WMI NameSpace: ServiceModel
    WMI Class: ClientCredentials

    Click OK and you should see a list of Properties in the right window. Select them all initially (you can remote columns you don't need once you see which have the information you need) and add to the Query Properties window. Click the Execute Query button to see what this class pulls.

    Let me know if either of these gives what you need. If the first I can put together a registry template using Exporter Pro for you to use. If the second one works you can simply select all of the computers you want to query, right-click and choose WMI > Execute Query > Client Credentials > Execute Query.


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      Chris, i am getting the following error when i Click OK after adding the Namespace and class " Error getting WMI information for class 'ClientCredentials'. WMI HRSULT 0x80041003 => Access Denied" . I am running Hyena as an admin.

      Any ideas?


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        Unfortunately that WMI class didn't give the desired information, and we didn't find a solution for reporting on certificates.