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Hyena is great.

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  • Hyena is great.

    I figured since I was posting on the other boards about things that I'm NOT able to do in Hyena, I would be nice and come over here and say some of the nice things that I AM able to do.

    I really love the way that Hyena integrates alot of my commonly used User Management tools (including Explorer) into a single interface. My biggest headache task right now is deleting old user accounts. The company that I'm contracted to has hundreds of old user accounts (with matching hidden Exchange accounts) that they want taken off the servers. But they're required to save all the info from these acounts. So, I have to copy the user's Home directory to a storage server, then unhide their email box and export the mailbox into their home directory on this storage server.

    I actually found Hyena when I was looking for a good way to display all the disabled accounts on our network. Hyena's great for that. I just display all of the user details, filter on Disabled, and then I sort by Home directory. This lets me do a whole site at a time. I open up a user's account and explore to their Home drive, and from there I can grabe the home directories of ALL of the disabled users at that site, and copy them ALL at the same time. And Hyena makes unhiding their mailboxes easier too. I used to have to use Exchange Administrator, view Hidden Accounts, unhide the account, then unselect Hidden Accounts so I could delete it after exporting. Hyena's Exchange integration let's me unhide with a single click, and I don't have to do anything but say Yes when I want to delete the exchange account.

    And this is just one of the many repetitive tasks that I have to do, that Hyena makes so much easier. (And my boss was so impressed by how much faster I was able to do this task that I convinced her to get a 10 license pack for our whole network team!)

    I'm also very happy with the way you guys respond on these boards and either help people perform specific tasks that they want to do, or tell us that you'll put in new features that will make our lives easier. Obviously no one product can do every single user management task, because every company is set up a bit differently and will have its own quirks. But you guys are definitely doing a great job at making life as easy as possible for as many people as you can.

    Thanks alot! And keep up the great work!