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Clearing out the TS Profile Path

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  • Clearing out the TS Profile Path

    I'm using the TScmd utility, and it ALMOST does everything I want. I can manipulate the Terminal Server Profile Path, but I can't just blank it out completely. The command I am using is:

    tscmd <server> <username> TerminalServerProfilePath

    I want to blank out the TS Profile Path, and the only way I have been able to do it is by putting " " in the above cmd line. What that does is put a blank in the TS profile path, and I get an error whenever I logout.

    Is there anyway for me to just blank the path all together with this utility and not have anything (even a space) in the TS profile path?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Clearing out the TS Profile Path

    If I remember correctly there's no way to get TSCMD to blank a field. Our Hyena product will do this for you, though.


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      Re: Clearing out the TS Profile Path

      Well I just downloaded the Trial version of Hyena, and I'm trying to figure out how to clear out the TS Profile Path. I want to do this selectively so can I do a filter, and created a cmd tool/utility with the ~DEL to blank it out?

      I know I can look at the help to do this, but I thought you could give me the quick and dirty before I hit my boss up to buy the Enterprise Edition.



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        Re: Clearing out the TS Profile Path

        What you will do is select your users in Hyena's right window, right-click and choose Properties. Go the Terminal tab, remove what is currently shown for the path, then enter ~DEL. This let's Hyena know you really want to blank out that field for all of the selected users.

        Click Ok and Hyena will set those to a blank.