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  • Terminal server profilepath

    I'm using Hyena 5.2 and trying to create a terminal server profile path and folder.
    I use a specific Terminal-template and I only want to use the Profile Path line (\\server\profile$\%username%). But when I leave the New Home Directory Mask empty, the Profile Path is not defined for the user. When I use the New Home Directory Mask (and delete it afterwards), the (Terminal Server) Profile Path is entered correctly.

    The creation of the folder itself has never succeeded. How can I trigger that?

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    Re: Terminal server profilepath

    Try entering a space in the New Home Directory Mask field in the template. This should cause Hyena to use the template.

    For the creation of the directory, Hyena won't create that, but you can create a batch file to do this and enter the name of it in the After creating home directory run: box.


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      Re: Terminal server profilepath

      Thank you for your reply.

      One more thing (and a little bit off topic...):
      How can I duplicate the templates to another Hyena-user?



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        Re: Terminal server profilepath

        The easiest way would be to go to Tools->Settings->General and enter in a Shared Settings .INI Filename. Check the box to Save settings and click OK.

        You can then either copy the file to the other computer and enter the filename in that box on their computer, or store the file on a server and point both computers to the file. Whenever you want to update it, make the changes then check the box to Save settings.