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W2k Terminal Server usage

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  • W2k Terminal Server usage

    I have a very simple question. We have a terminal server with a mandatory profile. Every time Hyena starts we need to add all our domains again.

    I've captured all the reg entries in HKEY_LOCAL_USER but there doesn't seem to be any entries.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to keep the settings ?


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    Re: W2k Terminal Server usage

    What version of Hyena are you using?


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      Re: W2k Terminal Server usage

      I have the same problem. I had it installed on a w2k server. It will not hold the serial key or settings since I installed Terminal Services for administration onto that server. We are using Hyena 4.3.


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        Re: W2k Terminal Server usage

        Hyena writes this information to the hkey_current_user key. Make sure that when you go into Tools->Settings->Licensing that your key and company name are entered there correctly. If not, enter them there and click OK to save, then restart Hyena.

        If this still does not hold, make sure you don't currently have anything in the Shared Settings File Name at the bottom of Tools->Settings->General. If you do, remove that entry and see if your licensing information will stick.

        If none of this helps, then enter in a Shared Settings file name and location and see if you are able to save your registration key information that way.

        For further help on any of this email [email protected].


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          Re: W2k Terminal Server usage

          It's a mandatory profile...which means any changes to the login session are lost when it logs out.

          Remove the .man extension from the profile, log in and make the changes needed, log out and re-add the .man extension.