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Creation of Terminal Server Roamin Profiles W2K

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  • Creation of Terminal Server Roamin Profiles W2K

    I see how Hyena can automate user home directories, but I do not see how this is done for roaming profiles.

    Becuase Windows 2000 Terminal Services has a bug that does not create a users roaming profile directory with the correct permissions. So the admin has to go and manually configure each directory by hand.

    If someone has an idea on how to get hyena to help me on this it would be geately appreciated.


    Michael Carroll
    Carroll Consulting Group

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    Re: Creation of Terminal Server Roamin Profiles W2K

    we are not using ms_ts but maybe it works also for you.
    we use it also for our normal profilesettings and userhomesettings.

    we created a users-directory e.g. d:\users (and d:\profiles) with admins full and users change on the ntfs perms. also theres a sharename pointing to d:\users as \\servername\users$ (\\servername\pfofiles$).

    in the userhomesetting we use: \\servername\users$\%username%.
    if we create a new user the directory will be created with user grant full permissions - but with the sharelevelsecurity the effective permission for the user is change.

    may be this helps ...