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Trying to Export the TSE Profile Path Doesn't work

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  • Trying to Export the TSE Profile Path Doesn't work

    I have added a Custom Query to contain just the following attributes
    • Pre-W2k Name
    • TSE Profile

    I'm running the query on a container with just over 13,000 user accounts and when executed HYENA goes into Not Responding Mode

    I'm running v11.0.3 (Rev 'D') These queries used to work OK

    I have checked the FAQ's and can find no other issues related to this. If I amend the query to remove the TSE Profile attribute then everything runs OK ?

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    Its the TSE Profile that is causing the problem. Terminal Server information is not stored in individual AD attributes, so Hyena has to use a particular Microsoft function to retrieve it, and the performance is very bad. You might want to try to use Exporter Pro. Select your domain, then select Tools > Export from Selected Objects, click New, enter in a name of your export, then on the Active Directory Exports, create a new AD export or modify one of the existing ones. Give it an output file, etc. and then let it run. That way it won't tie up the GUI.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.