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Export of data from AD does come in proper column format

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  • Export of data from AD does come in proper column format

    Hello Admin,

    From long time i am exporting objects from AD in Hyena, which works perfectly good.

    From few days when i am exporting objects (Control + E) and when open them, i see some names from the next line are appending into the columns of above line.

    Column1 Column2 Column3
    Username1 Department1 Phone1
    Username2 Department2 Phone2
    Username3 Department3 Username4 Department4 Phone4
    Username5 Department5 Phone5

    I have attached screenshot of the options im choosing while export.

    Kindly advice me to fix this issue.
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    Is there any way that you can send me the actual data file (reduced down to just a few rows of data near the problem area ?). You many have some unexpected data in the department 3 field that could be causing this. Perhaps try opening the file with Notepad or Write.exe to see if you can look at the raw data. Send the information to [email protected]

    Also, let us know what version of Hyena you are using.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.