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    Is there a way to create a single export that is based off of a specific group but shows all Groups the User is in?Such as basing it off of whos in Group 'A' which would show all members of that group and also having it show all Groups that those members are a part of?User 1 is in Group a,b,c,dUser 2 is in Group a,c,dSo it would pull both due to being in Group 'A' but also showing all of their groups.If that makes any sense..

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    I may not fully understand how you want the report, but try these steps and post back if that works: Right-click on Group A from your example and choose View Group Members > View Direct Members Only. That step will list the direct members of Group A. Select the users in the right-hand window, then right-click and choose Account Functions > View Group Memberships.

    What you should end up with is a list of all the groups each of the members of Group A are in. The format will one line per user per group, so User 1 from your example would list in 4 different lines for each group: Group a,b,c,d. You can send that data to Microsoft Excel for further reporting with Tools > Export to Microsoft Excel.


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      Actually that did exactly what I needed. Thank you!