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Export Listing of all distribution groups which contain external contacts

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  • Export Listing of all distribution groups which contain external contacts

    Hi, I have just started using Hyena and am hoping someone may be able to assist me. I have been tasked with producing a report of all distribution groups and the email addresses in those groups. I then specifically need to pinpoint which of those groups contain external contacts.
    I have tried to produce a list from exchange console but the report shows distribution groups containing external contacts to be empty.

    thanks in advance


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    Hello Matt, and thank you for your interest in Hyena. Email address should be in the default Group Members query, so displaying members of your distribution lists should take care of that part of your request. Adding objectClass to the query will make it easier to identify Contacts in your report, so we'll add that to your query first. Go to File > Manage Object View > AD Queries. Change Query Type to Group Members, and in the lower right change Attribute Category to General Directory Object Attributes. Find and click on Object Class, then click the Add icon to add it to the query, then click OK to save this change.

    You'll need to display your distribution lists in the right-hand window, and you'll probably want to filter the list to only show distribution lists. For this step right-click on the Universal Groups object in the left window and choose Query Active Directory > Group Detailed. This step displays your Universal groups in the right-hand window where you can filter them and then multi-select the groups you want to report on. Click the Filter icon on the top toolbar in Hyena, and you'll see a row of text boxes under the column headers in the right-hand window. In the box under Group Type enter distribution and hit Enter.

    At this point you should see all of your Distribution groups, so select those that you want for this report (Ctrl-a for all groups), then right-click and choose View Group Members > View Direct Members Only. This will show you the members of the selected groups, including an E-Mail column and Object Class where you'll see Contact for your contacts. You can further filter or sort this list, or send to Excel by choosing Tools > Export to Microsoft Excel.