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Exporting AD Account Password Ages

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  • Exporting AD Account Password Ages

    Is there a way to export active directory password ages using exporter pro?

    Hyena is able to display password ages as part of directory queries using the attribue %SYM_AD_PWD_AGE%. All my attempts to use that syntax or variations of it with Exporter Pro have failed. However, other "Predefined Symbols" using the same type of syntax do work in Exporter Pro.

    There is obviously a way to ascertain password ages as it is being done in Hyena. If it still isn't possible with Exporter Pro, could it be a candidate for a new feature in future versions?


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    Hyena is able to calculate this information on the fly subtracting the value in the PwdLastSet field from the current date, whereas Exporter Pro doesn't have that functionality. You can add PwdLastSet to your export, and would then need to calculate the age from that value. Out of curiosity, though, how are you using that information? I ask because if you are trying to determine when passwords will expire, we gave a tip in our last ToolNews newsletter ( ) explaining that you can add an attribute called 'msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed' to your query. That field will actually show you the date and time each users password will expire.


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      Thanks for the quick answer. In reply to your question on how we're using the information, we have a large number of service accounts that our security guidelines require to be periodically reset. Daily I run an automated export of the password expiration dates using Exporter Pro. That file sits until I login which launches a spreadsheet that pulls the export file and calculates the password ages. Having them all display at once is key as I can see both what is in need of attention at the moment, as well as what will be coming up in the next few days and take care of them al lat one time. I was hoping to streamline the process, but I need the report to display the actual password ages. I guess it's back to the drawing board.