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    Hello, I'm trying to gather an export of all machines within the enterprise. For example, when you select a group of machines from an OU, you have the option to "Select \ Customize Query" on the right pane which allows you to specify columns etc - from there I would simply copy the context and then paste into Excel or use the "Export Selected objects option". However, when viewing "All Computers" under "Enterprise", you don’t get the option to Select \ Customize Query.

    I've tried adding customized Queries under the "Object Manager Configuration" and exporting to no avail (I've no idea where Im going wrong). I want to export all Computers, the OU they reside and its OS. Any help and direction would be much appreciated.

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    Rather than using the Enterprise object, you must use your domain object instead. Expand your domain, then right-click on the Computers object and choose Query Active Directory -> Computer (Detailed). That default query should give you what you need, but you can also add to it under File -> Manage Object View -> AD Queries. Change the Query Type to Computers, click on Computer (Detailed) and add the fields you want from the Schema Attributes window.


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      Thanks Chuck, but I want to gather the inventory for all my domains in the forest, hense why I went for the Enterprise All Computers option. Also, Query Active Directory isnt listed for the Servers?


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        The Enterprise object is based on your Windows Browse List, rather than AD functions, and is the reason you can't use AD queries against it. The method I gave above will result in much greater accuracy, in addition to giving you the ability to view AD fields in the results.

        To view all computers across the various domains in your forest, we recently added a function to view all of your domains in the right-hand window of Hyena by choosing File -> View All Domains. This will display all domains you have added to your view (File -> Manage Object View -> Objects) so you can select them all and export against them. You would select your domains in the right-hand window, choose Tools -> Exporter Pro -> Export From Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, then enable the Computers export under Active Directory (Users, Groups...). Double-click on the Computers export to add the fields you want, and to specify the ouput file name and path, then click Close and Start Export.

        When it finishes you can open the output file with Microsoft Excel.


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          Thats Great - thanks for your help, Chuck.


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            Hi Chuck,
            Is there a way to automatically select only servers in a forest, then run exporter pro against that list? What I am trying to do is to see which servers in the forest have an entry for "Managed by..." in one report.


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              You can create a 'Servers' query in Hyena for this, and can have it list the Managed By field as well. We gave instructions in a previous ToolNews to create this query:

              Basically you would:

              • Select File > Manage Object View > AD Queries
              • Change the Query Type to "Container/OU Contents"
              • Click the "New Query" icon on the right.
              • For the "Query Name" type "Servers" or another name of your choice, then check the box at the bottom to "Include subcontainers and sub-OUs in search".
              • In the "LDAP Search Filter" box type the following:
              (&(objectCategory=computer)(objectClass=computer)( operatingSystem=*server*))
              • Click OK to create the query and return to the Object Manager Configuration dialog and choose the attributes to display for this query. A simple example would include:
              Directory Name
              Managed By
              Service Pack
              • Click OK to save the new query and close Object Manager.

              To run this query, expand the domain in Hyena's left window, then right-click on the main Containers/OUs object and choose Query Active Directory > Servers.

              By adding ManagedBy to this query you won't need to use Exporter Pro, but if you have need to run exports against this list, you can do a Ctrl-a to select the servers and go to Tools > Exporter Pro > Export From Selected Objects.


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                I just saw the recent post about reporting across multiple domains.
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                  Sorry for the delay but I was doing some testing on a couple options for you to try:

                  1. Go to File > Manage Object View > Objects. Click on a domain that has a Global Catalog server, then change the LDAP:// in the ADSI Path box to GC://. Click Update to save the change and then OK to close that dialog. Run the query from above on this domain object and see if that gives you servers from all domains.
                  2. If that doesn't work, or as an alternative method, go to File > Manage Object View > Objects and click on that same domain again. In the ADSI Server box enter the name of your GC server such as: globalcatalogserver:3268. Save that change and try running the query on this domain object again.


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                    Sadly, neither worked. I did verify that I was entering working GCs. You said "try running the query on this domain object again." Can you run an AD query on a domain and not just e.g. "Containers/OUs"?


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                      You'll have to right-click on Containers/OUs to run the query, but it uses the path specified in the domain object under File > Manage Object View > Objects. I said that to make sure you use the object you modified to get to Containers/OUs to ensure the correct path is used. When you say these didn't work, what exactly were the results? Are you getting any servers at all, or only servers from the domain you're choosing?


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                        Sorry for the abbreviated response before, too many fires burning. Here are the results you asked for.

                        ADSI Server
                        ADSI Path = "ldap:// " FQDN of GC Only servers in ACME domain are listed.

                        ADSI Path = "GC://" FQDN of GC "0 directory objects found in GC://FQDN of GC

                        ADSI Path = "ldap:// " FQDN of GC:3268 Run query on ACME returns "0 directory objects found in ldap://FQDN of GC:3268

                        ADSI Path = "GC:// " FQDN of GC:3268 Run query on ACME returns "0 directory objects found in GC://FQDN of GC:3268


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                          To make sure I'm going down the right path to troubleshoot this, using the same tests you used, try again but use the All Disabled Users query. Post back whether you see disabled users from all domains or just the ACME domain.


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                            Actually I may have found my answer. GC servers don't replicate all attributes by default, Operating System being one that isn't replicated. It looks like you'll have to either use the method you found before I gave you this option, or use the following information to add operatingSystem to the fields replicated to your GC:

                            I tested this change here and it took a bit for the GC to update. Once it did, the query worked for me with either the GC:// or GC:3268 methods.


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                              I get a list for only the ACME domain not all domains.