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Cant get Report to get registy info

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  • Cant get Report to get registy info

    hi, i am trying to get some info from the registry but i cant seem to make it work
    the path is LM\Software\LexisNexis
    i need everything under this key -
    i have entered the path under registry and check the 'Export values from key and all sub-keys'
    i have selected these registry value names: %object_name%, %key_name%, %value%, and %value_name%
    when i run the report i just the headings with nothing else
    i am not sure if i am doing something wrong
    any assistance will be appreciated
    thank you

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    A screenshot of your registry template would be the most helpful so we can see how everything is configured. Also give us the steps you are taking to run this.


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      i have added the template -
      to run it i select computers that i know have the key info i need but i get nothing -
      i would like to get all the info under the localmachine\software\LexisNexis
      thank you
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        I setup a template just like yours, but for a different key since I don't have the LexisNexis software, and it output data for me. Run it again, and then look at the Export Progress Messages window in Exporter Pro to see if you're getting any error messages.