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exporting users using Google Chrome

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    Originally posted by Trammel View Post
    Google chrome installs in a users profile from what I have found. The information you are looking for is going to be in the HKCU *I think*

    You are correct.

    Now, where do we go from here?


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      I am not a scripting guru by any means but some type of batch file or script the user runs exporting to a network share flat file would work. Adding it to the logon script in user policies of your gpo. Windows XP native command REG QUERY and kick it out to a file like >\\servershare\%username%.txt


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        The reason we can't show Chrome installed is because its putting its uninstall information, or rather the fact that it is installed at all, under the HKCU registry hive. I have a LOT of software installed on this computer, and its the only app showing up there. Even applications installed on a per-user basis still have their stuff normally installed in HKLM. The problem with HKCU is the 'current user' part, as its not accessible remotely very easily, if at all. Besides, if a user is not logged on, there isn't an HKCU that is applicable. It does not make any sense why Google did things this way.

        I also tried the WMI_Product class, and it does not show it either, probably because the developers of this class (MIcrosoft ?) also are using the same technique of scanning HKLM\Uninstall.

        Have you tried to see if the Google Update Helper application does not correlate with an installation of Google Chrome ? Its listed on my computer, but I don't know what Google app it applies to.

        Also, there is a Google key with settings under HKLM\Software\Google. It would be easy to create a registry template in Exporter Pro to look for an export this key, if you can see if a setting in there would identify that Chrome was installed.
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