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  • Event Log - Filter Events

    So I am looking across some servers for a specific error in the system event log. Event id is 7 and source is Disk. This works great for a couple machines selected. But when I select like 52, it takes off and then eventually quits. Nothing crashes but nothing is showing.


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    Re: Event Log - Filter Events

    Can you give more details on what happens when it quits? Do you get control back in Hyena with no results, or is it locked up, or...?


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      Re: Event Log - Filter Events

      So I select 52 servers and select filter events. I have changed the date range to the last 24 hours.
      Filter options are set and I click ok. At the bottom I see it beginning to take off scanning the logs. It stops at a random machine and amount of logs. Mean time when mouse is over Hyena it is waiting. Then at the bottom it just goes to 0 events found and the mouse goes back to normal. I have control of Hyena once again. When I had the date set to one month, it would do the same thing.


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        Re: Event Log - Filter Events

        The only thing I can think of would be to see if you narrow it down to a computer, or several computers to see if that's it. Start with a group of 10 or so and see if that runs to completion. Then the next 10 until it does that again. Then run each of the 10 individually to see if it will stop on any particular computer(s).