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  • Exporter

    Can anyone Help, We have just upgraded our AD to 2008 from 2003, I use the exporter.exe program to export users, members and groups.

    Since moving over to 2008, I can only get local accounts and groups from the servers and no domain accounts/groups.

    I have checked the Export.ini file and ExportDomainUsers is set to 1 and ExportBDCUsers is set 1.

    We have just recently upgraded to hyena 8.5 from 7.x Exporter version is 2.7.

    All our workstations are XP sp3.

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    Re: Exporter

    Have you tried Exporter Pro? At this point it is your best solution for reporting Active Directory information.


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      Re: Exporter

      I have tried Exporter Pro, but the format of the export is completely different.

      The exported files are linked to a database which produces reports.

      If there is someone who can tell me how to reformat the Export Pro export files, then I can use that.


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        Re: Exporter

        Exporter Pro uses Active Directory functions, whereas the old Exporter uses Windows NT functions. Most fields can easily be figured out as to how they were back in NT days, but there are some fields that don't have a direct translation, though.

        Your best solution is to modify your reports to match the new structure as there is no way of knowing how much longer the Windows NT functions will be supported by Microsoft OSes.