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Share and NTFS permission

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  • Share and NTFS permission

    Is it possible to get a report just on a single share that shows all "share" permissions and all "NTFS" permissions just for the single share? I have tried various things that get me one or the other but not both. I usually end up getting all the shares on the server and I only need a report on one of the shares.

    Any guidance/instruction would be appreciated.

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    Re: Share and NTFS permission

    You'll have to have two outputs: 1 with share permissions, the other with NTFS.

    In Hyena you can view shares on the computer you want, then right-click on the share and choose View Share Security. Then go to Tools->Export to Microsoft Excel.

    Then right-click on the share again and choose View NTFS Security. Choose the options you want and click OK. When finished go to Tools->Export to Microsoft Excel.


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      Re: Share and NTFS permission

      Thanks. That will work, I was just looking for a way to do it with ExporterPro.