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AD Objects - SFU reporting

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  • AD Objects - SFU reporting

    I'd like to use Hyena to report on assigned Services for Unix UID & GID that have been assigned to users in Active Directory. I Know that Other (Specify Attribute) can be used to do this I'm just not clear on how this is done. I have typed in the attribute I'm looking for but it doesn't seem to work...any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Using Server 2008 & Hyena 7.7

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    Re: AD Objects - SFU reporting

    Right-click on a user that you know has this information assigned and choose Query Active Directory->View All Directory Attributes. See if you can find those fields and can view the data in them.


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      Re: AD Objects - SFU reporting

      That works and when I build an AD Auery and try and specify the following Attributes uid, uidNUmber, unixHomeDirectory, loginShell... nothing appears.

      Is there a specific syntax the attributes need to be added to the "Other (Specify Attribute)" Attribute Category that i'm missing

      when Other (Specify Attribute) is selected from the drop down

      a Pop requests the attributes be entered...

      I add
      uid, uidNumber and click ok ...

      when I use the query it displays the column head but no content.



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        Re: AD Objects - SFU reporting

        Send screenshots to [email protected] so we can see:

        Those attributes under View All Directory Attributes
        File->Manage Object View->AD Queries where you added them


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          Re: AD Objects - SFU reporting

          Well it seems like it takes active directory awhile to understand waht is being requested... as when I started to put the screeen snaps together - it started working-

          Go figure!

          thanks for the help