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  • Export CPU info

    Is it possible to somehow export the CPU info from a machine? Either through WMI or the Exporter or something else?

    I would like to know how many CPU's and cores there's in the machine.

    We use a mix of IBM and HP servers and e.g. through the iLO interface I can see the information in HP servers.

    So is there any way to do this through Hyena? Because I can't do it in Windows because it's hard to tell if the CPU is hyperthreaded.

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    Re: Export CPU info

    Exporter Pro has a CPU export under the Registry section that you can try. If that doesn't give the info you need then you should be able to get it from WMI, but you'll have to find a class. You can try Win32_Processor to start with.

    Also, the Computer System class has one called NumberOfProcessors and NumberOfLogicalProcessors.


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      Re: Export CPU info

      Thank you. I find the Computer System class with NumberOfProcessors and NumberOfLogicalProcessors most usable.

      The NumberOfLogicalProcessors will show 16 if the server has 2 quad core CPU's and that's correct.

      However, would it be possible to implement cores also? Programs like CPU-Z can do this but I don't know if it's also WMI it's using.


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        Re: Export CPU info

        WMI would be the only way of doing this. What I usually recommend is using Google to search for 'WMI processor cores' or something like that to find the WMI class name.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.