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    how do I export the Exchange property DeliverAndRedirect from a Win 2003 Active Directory

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    Re: Export Exchange details

    If by export you mean adding it to one of Hyena's queries, then its just a matter of adding the field. Click the first toolbar button (File->Manage Object View), select AD Queries, then select the query type, which can be either All Users or OU contents, depending on how you manage your users. Select the query to add the field to, then in the lower right window area, select the Attribute Category of "Other" to insert your own field. Type in the attribute name exactly, click OK, then run the query. I think this is a true/false field.

    If you want to export it using Exporter Pro, the technique is essentially the same, but let me know if you need more guidance.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.