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Exporter Pro error Win7 x64

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  • Exporter Pro error Win7 x64

    Using Hyena v8.1 x64 on Win7 x64.

    Attempt to Export From Selected Objects with Exporter Pro.

    Error message Unable to open Hyena Configuration file 'C:\Program Files\Hyena\

    Changing Exporter Pro configuration file directory path in settings doesn't help.

    How did you pass Win7 compatablity with that?

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    Re: Exporter Pro error Win7 x64

    With Windows 7 there's a good chance that is a permissions issue in that it doesn't like regular user accounts making changes in program files. Start Hyena by using the Run As Administrator option and see if that works.


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      Re: Exporter Pro error Win7 x64

      Run As Administrator works, but I don't think that is a very good solution on a number of levels, not the least the annoyance factor.


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        Re: Exporter Pro error Win7 x64

        Okay, now that you know what the problem is you have a couple of choices. One would be to figure out how to give your normal account the ability to write to the Hyena directory. The other you can experiment with is go to Tools->Settings->Reporting and change the Exporter Pro configuration files path to a different directory such as in your profile directory or somewhere you know you can write to.


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          Re: Exporter Pro error Win7 x64

          Actually, the solution may be even simpler. By default, Exporter Pro writes to a small file in order to send the list of objects that you want to export from to Exporter Pro. Normally, this file can be written to the current directory.

          But Hyena has an advanced setting, 'ExporterProInterfaceDirectory' that can be used to set a different directory. You can read about it more in Hyena's help file (Advanced Settings). Setting it can be done now in Hyena's GUI, under Tools->Settings->Advanced.

          Once this value is set, the hyena_exporter_pro.dat file will be created in this directory instead.
          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.


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            Re: Exporter Pro error Win7 x64

            As mentioned above, the Reporting tab setting has no effect on this error.

            However, the Advanced setting worked perfectly.