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  • Exporting of Group Users

    We have 5000 AD groups - We conduct user reviews on about 200 of these groups. In the past, we simply held down the CTRL button and clicked through all 200 of 5000 groups - then right click to show group members. Is there a way to automate this and/or save the selected groups - this way we can just dump the users with one or two clicks vs 200. Thanks -

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    Re: Exporting of Group Users

    One thought would be to create a temporary group, then add your 200 groups as members to that group. When you need to manage them, show members of your temp group, then select them all in the right-hand window, right-click and choose View Group Members.


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      Re: Exporting of Group Users

      Thanks for the quick reply!! I noticed Hyena has the following feature: "Hyena's SystemViews is an innovative feature that allows for fast and easy recalling of previous views of the right list window. This feature will be especially important to those users who need a method of easily going back to a previous display or that have a large number of objects that take an extremely long time to retrieve"
      This feature is exactly what I am looking for but is there anyway to save the SystemViews? It appears you lose them once you close the application.


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        Re: Exporting of Group Users

        Unfortunately not as those are stored in memory and reset when you close Hyena.


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          Saved Searches

          Originally posted by cmccullough View Post
          Unfortunately not as those are stored in memory and reset when you close Hyena.
          Hello... Just checking to see if there was any new functionality introduced since this original post? Or would you still recommend the temp group approach?

          By chance, is there a way to save groups (i.e. Selected Objects) in Exporter Pro? This way you can rerun as needed. Thanks.


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            This is a complicated question, as there are a lot of options. The best way to handle the options depends on exactly what you are doing with these groups. In summary, no we have not changed any of the options in Exporter Pro or Hyena, but here is a list of some more options (beside the temporary group approach).

            1. You could place the groups, assuming the set of these groups does not change, into their own directory OU. Then, you would just display the groups by double-clicking on the OU.

            2. You could identify an attribute, such as the existing 'extensionAttribute1' and place data into the attribute for these groups. This attribute could either be displayed and sorted on, or a custom query could be created to just return the groups with this attribute set. The groups could then stay where they are in their current container/OU.

            3. If the group list rarely changes, you could create an external object list outside of Hyena. Technically, the external object list could be maintained in Excel, but you would need the LDAP path for the group to be in the file, so if the group list changes often, this approach isn't dynamic and probably more work then its worth.

            4. In looking back at the previous reply, the temporary group suggestion does not really solve anything. AD supports nesting of groups, so you could create a "master" group and add these other groups as a member of that group. Hyena can then just display the members of all groups in this master group.

            Let me know if any of these options might work and we can further develop them.

            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.