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  • Audit for Specific Installed App

    We need to verify our gigatrust deployment today. I would like to use hyena to audit but I am unsure of how to begin. This app does not have a service. The executable does show in task manager as gtrmprotect.exe, the path to this is C:\Program Files\GigaTrust\gtrmprotect.exe.

    I need to audit OU by OU - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Audit for Specific Installed App

    Right-click on a computer that you know has this installed and choose Properties and then click on the Software tab. Is it listed there?


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      Re: Audit for Specific Installed App

      Yes it is listed. I'd like to do this though, in a way that covers all computers within an OU - rather than auditing each computer manually, one by one.

      I could really use some specifics in regards to running a full audit for this application if possible. Thank you for looking into this.


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        Re: Audit for Specific Installed App

        I just wanted to make sure it was listed there before giving you instructions.

        You can't specify a particular program, but you can export the list of installed apps on selected computers then just sort/filter for the app you want using Excel.

        You can view installed software for selected computers using the Exporter Pro utility included with Hyena.

        You'll select your computers in Hyena's right-hand window, or for a particular OU, just click on the OU, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export From Selected Objects.

        Click the Settings button, then double-click on Registry, and then double-click on Installed Software Applications. Check the box to Enable the export and make sure there is an output filename listed.

        Click OK, then OK, then Close and Start Export. When finished you will have the option to view the output file. You should see a button with Open With on it, click that button and find Excel in the list. Doing this will open the file with Excel so that you can view the information using Excel.


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          Re: Audit for Specific Installed App

          Okay, just to make sure I understand:

          There is no way to run a report in Hyena that will only return results for computers running a specified application?

          I know I could produce a similar report if I was looking for a service tied to an application - but unfortunately this application does not have an associated service.


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            Re: Audit for Specific Installed App

            Correct, it can only dump the list found under the Uninstall key in the registry. It is not able to search for specific apps. But, a quick sort in Excel would show you the computers.