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Export files from multible computers

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  • Export files from multible computers


    I give up.
    I have one file, containing around 300 computernames.

    For each computer I have to searce for multible fileextensions.

    Each computer-output must be in one file named by the computername.

    (if the computername is ABC the file name has to be ABC.txt)

    I'm running Hyena 7.7 and exporter 2.2

    I have created one ini-file called PC.INI
    The file works for one computer, but the output filename is a static value, and not the computername. How do I change that?

    Is there a way to import the 300 computernames or do I have to select them one-by-one?

    Plz help

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    Re: Export files from multible computers

    You can import a list of computers into Exporter Pro but we have no way to create a different file for each computer. The output will go into one file. To import your list in Exporter Pro go to the Configuration menu and choose Import Object File. The format is one computer per line.


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      Re: Export files from multible computers

      If I import the list of computernames (one name per line) and choose Object type=Workstation I only get a symbol of a workstation in the object list.

      Can't it be done by commandline?


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        Re: Export files from multible computers

        Make sure your input file only has the computer name and nothing else. If you can't get it going send a sample from your file and the steps you are taking to [email protected].