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  • lastlogon field

    last logon is reporting different times for different Hyena users. Is there multiple logon fields? please help!

    for example jsmith - 12/09/08
    other user reports jsmith - none

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    Re: lastlogon field

    To get last logon information from your users, it is best to use Exporter Pro for this because it can check all domain controllers, whereas Hyena will only look at one controller. Last Logon is stored locally on each domain controller and not part of the data that gets replicated between them.

    Click on your domain in Hyena to select it, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, then double-click on Detailed Users under Active Directory. Check the box to enable it and enter an output filename. Click the button for Set Options and check the box to export information from all domain controllers. Also make sure Last Logon is listed in the window as one of the fields to export.

    Run that export and when finished you can open the output file with Excel.