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  • Report on share folder

    I am new at using the hyena software and I need help creating a report.

    I would like to create a report that list all the share on a server and some information about the share.

    If someone could give me step by step that are easy to follow would be great!

    If you can help me get this information in some kind of report.

    name of the share folder?
    when the folder was created?
    who created the share?
    what user or group has access to the share?
    what are the permission they have?

    Thank You

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    Re: Report on share folder

    You can click the plus sign beside the server in Hyena's right-hand window, then find Shares. Right-click on Shares and choose View All Access Rights. This will show you who has permissions, and what level of access. If you then right-click and choose View All Shares you will see additional information on the shares themselves.


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      Re: Report on share folder

      What I am looking for is help to do a report with the information listed above.

      Thanks for the help


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        Re: Report on share folder

        Unfortunately there's no way to get all that in one report, and who created the share is not a field anyway. Once you have the data in the right-hand window using my instructions above you can use the Tools->Generate Report option to send the data to an Access database, or you can use Edit->Copy to copy the information to Excel.