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    We are just about to buy Hyena - as such I’m a real newbie - so please be gentle !

    I need to run a report that will show all the members of a distribution list with the forwarding address where applicable.

    I can sort of do it with Hyena using the method described below.

    It looks like what you need is altRecipient. You can add this by going to File->Manage Object View->AD Custom. Choose Active Directory User, then New.
    The Attribute Directory Name is altRecipient, and in Display Title you can put something like ForwardingAddress.
    Save that, then go to File->Manage Object View->AD Queries and you can add it to one of your exising queries, such as User Detailed General.

    When you run the modified query by right-clicking on All Users and choosing Tabular Views->Users(Detailed-General) you will see an additional column for ForwardingAddress.


    But that only does one group at a time - as such I’ve tried to use Exporter pro - i can get it to show all the users - what i can't seem to do is add the forwarder.

    If I add the field altRecipient - as other is creates a column on the export but is blank (no data) - any ideas?

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    Re: Forwarding and Exporter Pro

    Send screenshots of what exactly you are doing, your template, etc to [email protected] so we can see if we can spot anything.