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SQL DB export?

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  • SQL DB export?

    I searched low and high and could only find references that Hyena developers would like to build functionality into Hyena to export IIS and SQL discoveries. Has then been done or revisited?

    Ideally, I can use the browse service to identify SQL servers and I've also been able to identify IIS servers. However, what I'm looking for is to export (1) SQL database instances/names and perhaps last used date and size and (2) IIS names and configured URLs. Can Hyena help me do this?

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    Re: SQL DB export?

    The only way that I can see getting this information would be through WMI, assuming Microsoft created WMI classes for SQL/IIS. I did a quick Google search for 'WMI IIS' and found this article:

    The next page in this article shows how to get a list of virtual directories. Converting the VB Script into a WMI query should be straight-forward, but if you have problems let us know.

    For SQL, I found this article, which is part of a series:
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.