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not all servers exporting in 7.5B

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: not all servers exporting in 7.5B

    The Exporter uses the Windows Browse List to get it's list of computers. Your options would be:

    1. Use Exporter Pro.
    2. Figure out how to get those computers to show up on your Browse List.
    3. Use the command line version of Exporter in a batch file where you can specify each computer.

    The Servers folder uses the Browse List as well, so when you are coming in through the VPN you aren't getting a Browse List.

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  • cameramonkey
    started a topic not all servers exporting in 7.5B

    not all servers exporting in 7.5B

    when I run an export (not pro) to list all servers and the disk usage, there are several servers that do not show up in the list.

    All are member servers in an AD site that does not contain an DC, on the far end of a 50Mbit fiber link on the far side of a layer 3 switch.

    so far every other server appears in the export. it just seems to skip that one site/subnet.


    also on a slightly related note, when I VPN in from home, I notice I can open most groups in the left hand tree (users, computers, containers, DCs, etc) except the servers group. it refuses to expand and show any servers. when I click the servers + it wont expand, and clicking the name does nothing.