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  • Exporter Pro authentication

    I run Hyena and connect to 3 different domains. When I Select something from the list window and then select use exporter pro from the menu it will export the data into exporter pro. When the export runs it fails unless I run it on the domain the workstation is logged into.

    An example from today is, I start Hyena highlight the domain, right click and select "Authentication Credentials" and enter the proper info. Under the selected domain I select "All Groups", in the list window I select all the groups and from the tools menu select "Exporter Pro" then "export from selected objects". Exporter Pro starts up and displays the list of groups in the object list window, the export errors out querying every group.

    It appears that though Hyena has the ability to authenticate to different domains, Exporter Pro does not. How can I get Exporter Pro to work in the domains that the workstation is not logged into.

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    Re: Exporter Pro authentication

    Authentication Credentials don't pass to Exporter Pro. You might experiment with using Run As on Hyena to see if Windows will pass that when you run Exporter Pro. If that doesn't work you might have to run Exporter Pro seperately using Run As on stexport.exe.


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      Re: Exporter Pro authentication

      You can also experiment with Managed Passwords in Control Panel.