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Exporter Pro regarding the object file (.DAT)

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  • Exporter Pro regarding the object file (.DAT)

    Recently I have created an object file (secgroup.dat) that contains all of my company's AD security groups and have been referencing this with a custom Export Configuration (secgroupinfo.ini) with specific information extracted for a report that I need to create.

    I've managed to schedule this in windows scheduler to kick off at 2pm everyday and have been successfully running this consistently for 2 weeks now.

    My question is that I noticed that when new security groups are created in active directory, the object file (secgroup.dat)doesn't reflect these new additions. I have to add these in manually. Is there any way to update my object file automatically so I don't have to manually add new security groups? Awesome product by the way. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Exporter Pro regarding the object file (.DAT)

    You'll have to manually update it if you are going to have just groups in there. The other option would be to specify an OU or OUs to pull the groups from. That would then pull the current list of groups from those OUs each time you run it.