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Object List for multiple Domains

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  • Object List for multiple Domains

    I have a DC server with access to all 8 domains. How do i run Exporter Pro/Hyena to run against all domains. I use the Exporter PRO INI file and a Object List for thr production servers i need on each domain.
    Is there an option in the INI file to get all domains? Do i have to link them in a group?Is EXPortDomainGroupsOnly a setting i can use for multiple domains export?
    Currently the Object List error export file will list servers errored that are NOT on the servers for 8 domains. I need the error export to report failures for servers only on the same domain.

    Do we run command line exporter pro for each domain separate INI in a BAT file?
    Which parm is changed in INI?
    Is there an easy way to exclude servers from object list not on the domain?
    Wil the Enterprise view help if all Domains are listed?

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