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    Ran Export report but file has no data other than the headings.

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    Re: Export Report

    That is caused by a configuration problem of some sort. Give us some details so we can see what went wrong.


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      Re: Export Report

      Under my domain I select the servers container. Then select all the servers and click on Tools, Exporter Pro, Export From Selected Objects. I then click on new and create a new export config name. In the export config properties I add computers to export list. After that I click on export properties and then click on active directory tab and select computers


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        Re: Export Report

        The computers export will give you a list of computers from AD. The Servers folder doesn't come from AD, so AD functions won't work against that list.

        So, if you are looking for a list of computer, click on your domain in Hyena rather than selecting the servers.

        If you are looking for information for the servers you selected, you'll have to choose from the exports other than the AD exports.


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          Re: Export Report

          I used to run report from server with no problems until I upgraded to 7.3 We are trying to run server report in domain and their respective service pack