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  • Exporting to Excel

    I have just been tasked with looking after the Groups/Users etc at my company. Hyena was refered to me and it's great being able look at, in particular All Groups/"Account Name"/Members/"Member Name". Problem my boss wants all the info in a spreadsheet to review.

    My question? Is there a way to get that info across to an Excel Spreadsheet?

    Thanks in adavnce for your help.


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    Re: Exporting to Excel

    Once you view data in the right-hand window you can do a Ctrl-a to select the information, then Ctrl-c to open the Copy List Window. Choose the Windows Clipboard option and click OK. Then open Excel and do an Edit->Paste.


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      Re: Exporting to Excel

      Thanks for that.... Now I am half way to where he wants me to go!!

      In Hyena I can select a "User" double click and find out what "Groups" he/she belongs to. Also the other way where I select a "Group" and get the "Users" in it. Now another question if I may?

      Any suggestions on a way to get this over to Excel so it can be viewed simply? I am thinking of some sort of hyperlinks but not 100% sure how it might work.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks again.


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        Re: Exporting to Excel

        Anything you can view in the right-hand window can be copied out with my instructions above. For example, you can right-click on a group and choose View Group Members. That will display the members from that group (or a selection of groups) in the right-hand window.

        The other option would be to use Exporter Pro, which will create delimited text file outputs.