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Exporting Users from 2008 AD

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  • Exporting Users from 2008 AD

    We run a fully Windows Server 2008 domain and are trying to export group memberships and users for an annual audit. I am using 7.3 to try to do this and running it as a domain admin. When I follow the steps below, Hyena creates a text file, but it has no data except the column headings.

    1. Tools > Run Exporter...
    2. Members (tab) > Set the file name
    3. Check "Export Group Members"
    4. Check "Domain Global Group Members"
    5. Check "Domain Local Group Members"
    6. Click "OK"

    The exporter command prompt window briefly appears and the text file is deposited into the directory I specified, but it has no content aside from the headings (as I said above).

    The domain settings in the Object Manager Configuration appear to be correct -- Type: Windows 2000/2003 Domain (since there isn't 2008 in the list), Name: <NetBIOS domain name>, ADSI Path: LDAP://<domain_name>.com (I've also tried without the .com and with the domain controller's FQDN), and I've tried w/ and w/o a server in the ADSI Server field.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Exporting Users from 2008 AD

    The Run Exporter option probably won't work in that environment. You'll need to try the Exporter Pro under Tools->Exporter Pro.


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      Re: Exporting Users from 2008 AD

      Thanks. That worked sufficiently.