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Exporting using the command line / Scheduled Task

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  • Exporting using the command line / Scheduled Task


    We are currently in a situation where we are scanning almost 200 domains for various information to provide MI.

    Having created scheduled jobs for each domain along with a seperate INI file, I have noticed that 1 particular scan (could be more yet) is showing pretty much every object failing within the export.log file.

    It is common for us to get many errors in the logs, especially for WMI data as many of our servers run Windows NT and do not have WMI installed, however there is usually a pattern to these.

    Just recently after checking the logs, i noticed that one particular server in the domain is failing on almost all objects scanned and i wondered if this server may have been decommissioned. After loading Hyena I was able to connect to each of the objects (using the same credentials as the scheduled task) therefore the server was still alive and permissions were fine.

    I then decided to run a manual scan through Exporter Pro of the individual server, and this was successful, with just the usual WMI errors that were expected. Therefore I ran a full domain scan through Exporter Pro, and again the scan was successful.

    I then set the scheduled task off running the same INI file and credentials but the same server failed again on most objects.

    I have also run from the command line to eliminate the scheduled task itself, but using the command line also fails.

    The credentials are set correct in the Scheduled Task otherwise i would have expected the task itself to fail to start.

    So for some reason, command line fails but Hyena/Exporter Pro GUI is successful.

    Has anyone come across this before? Hyena Support have suggested using the skip switch to skip the computer but unfortunately we want to scan the computer rather than skip it.

    I hope someone can help with this.