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Exporting PKI (X.509) certificate status

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  • Exporting PKI (X.509) certificate status

    I am able to see the status of a users PKI (X.509) certificate status in Active Directory (AD). Is there any way for Hyena to export these settings? Or is there anyway for Hyena to check to see if there is even a cert. in AD.

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    Re: Exporting PKI (X.509) certificate status

    Unfortunately I don't see a way to report on that information.


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      Re: Exporting PKI (X.509) certificate status


      I did find the attribute (userCertificate or userSMIMECertificate). I was able to add that to my query. It gives me an error "Unable to display/format", but I have found that if the export gives that error, then they have a certificate and if there is no error messge then the user account does not generate that message.

      So there is a little to work with.


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        Re: Exporting PKI (X.509) certificate status

        Didn't think of that approach. Microsoft stores the information you are looking for as binary and I believe it is encrypted too. That might be some LDAP standard, but its not very friendly. Good tip, though.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.