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  • Exporter vs Exporter Pro - User Export

    Exporter outputs PwdAge, Pwd Life, in decimal number of days. Is exporter calculating this?

    I don't see this as an AD user attribute that I can export in exporter pro. Would I have to do the math and subtract current day from pwdlastset or can I get the same results like the old exporter?

    Also kind of annoying that the useraccountcontrol attribute groups everything in one field. I like sorting by Disabled, then PwdExpired, then NoExpirePwd.

    I'm moving and updating scheduled jobs to a new server and I kind of wanted to stop using the old exporter while I'm in there.


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    Re: Exporter vs Exporter Pro - User Export

    The older Exporter uses Windows NT functions that are completely different under AD, and when using AD functions don't provide the same data.

    You would have to calculate that data, and unfortunately useraccountcontrol does have all the flags lumped in rather than separate like before. Your only other option that you can experiment with is using the Windows NT/Local exports in Exporter Pro as they use the same non-AD functions that the old Exporter used.