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Report on Delegated RIghts

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  • Report on Delegated RIghts

    I'm looking to get an export on the Delegated Rights (aka Delegated Authority) configured for each OU in the domain.

    It seems that I can pull the info by right-clicking on an individual OU and select "Security Properties", but I'd like to be able to do this for *all* OU's (including sub OU's). Especially since I have 80+ containers.

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    Re: Report on Delegated RIghts

    See if you get the same information if you right click on an OU and select "List Directory Security". To get this information for multiple OUs you will need to multi-select them in the right window and run the option there.

    To get sub-OUs, you can either use the Find feature, which displays Microsoft Find dialog and search for OUs then return them to Hyena, or use Hyena's OU filtering toolbar. When you click on the main Containers/OUs object under your domain, the filtering toolbar will appear on the bottom of Hyena's window. Click the first button down (Traverse Folders), then click the 'Containers/OU' filtering button down. Now any container/OU that you click on will display only containers/OUs in or under that level. If you double-click on the main Containers/OUs object, you will get a list of all container/OUs in the domain regardless of their level in the directory. Note that AD has a lot of special purpose OUs in it, so you will have to play around to see which option is best.

    You can also setup a custom AD query as well to do this, but these two options are the quickest and most interactive.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Report on Delegated RIghts

      Thanks kstanush,

      I actually did discover the filtering toolbar later after I posted my message. By selecting (Traverse through all Containers) and (Show OUs/Containers) I was able to get the security assignments for all OU's in the domain. Great tool...

      Thanks again for the support.