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share access for builtin\administrators

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  • share access for builtin\administrators

    We are using Exporter Pro v2.0 rev 'E' to list the 'share' and 'NTFS' rights for all folders on our file servers. I have written a simple script to condense the rights into their simplest form. This works pretty well except for users like builtin\administrators.

    The problem is the builtin\administrators have full_control access over the share, but the Exporter Pro report does not list the root share access.

    Is there an option (or report) that will provide this?

    1. A file server has a share at local directory 'd:\shared'.
    2. The report lists the hidden share \\fileserver\d$\shared.
    3. Like to the report to also include \\fileserver\shared.

    For example, assume the root share has 26 sub-folders and builtin\administrators has full control over all of them:

    'If' the report contained the line \\fileserver\shared (with full_control) the script would simplify the report to one line rather than 26 lines (one for each folder). Since we have hundreds of folders, even the condensed report is large.

    If you can suggest a better approach, that would be great as well.


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    Re: share access for builtin\administrators

    I'm not quite sure I understand. Would what you're looking for be the same as what you get from running share security rather than NTFS? Shares would list the security on the actual share rather than the directories on the share.


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      Re: share access for builtin\administrators

      When I run the security report (selecting both shares and directories), the report doesn't include access for the root share (such as \\fileserver\shared) but does include each directory on the share (such as \\fileserver\shared\folder). It does list shares in a format \\fileserver\D$.


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        Re: share access for builtin\administrators

        Send a screen shot of the Security tab in Exporter Pro to [email protected].


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          Re: share access for builtin\administrators

          Thanks for your quick replies. Asking for the screen shots made me carefully review exactly how our share permission are set up. It appears the actual 'share' does not have permissions for administrators, just NTFS rights for the underlying folders. The report is exactly as defined. Need to re-group.