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  • Last Logon Time Stamp...Blank

    I'm trying to generate a report that shows the absolute last time a user logged into our domain. In my experience the "Last Logon" field is stored locally on which ever DC they authenticated against and NOT replicated. My search of these forums confirmed this. In searching others have said to use the "Last Logon Time Stamp" instead as its replicated. The issue now is that the "Last Lgon Time Stamp" field is blank. Please help. BTW. Great Product! Love It.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Last Logon Time Stamp...Blank

    Last Logon Time Stamp only applies to Windows 2003 domains. To get the correct Last Logon you can use Exporter Pro instead because it has an option to check all domain controllers.


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      Re: Last Logon Time Stamp...Blank

      I personally use the All Users view and have created a Custom AD Query under All users so that I have the Last Logon column, Pwd Last Set,ect. But at the same time I am able to sort my users by location so I know which DC they report to. This way is easy because I only have two DCs.


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        Re: Last Logon Time Stamp...Blank

        Thank you for the information. Have a great day!