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LastLogon Query for specific OU

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  • LastLogon Query for specific OU

    I would like to know how to query a specific OU (Domain Users) using Exporter or Hyena for the last logon date. I have searched previous posts and have found some from a long time ago that mention it might be possible in future versions. I just installed the latest version from the web, can someone tell me if this is possible?

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    Re: LastLogon Query for specific OU

    You can click on the OU in Hyena to select it, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, then double-click on Active Directory->Detailed User. Add the fields you want exported, along with Last Logon, then click the Set Options button and enable the option to export from all domain controllers.

    Run that export and when finished you can open the output file with Excel.


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      Re: LastLogon Query for specific OU

      I followed the instructions and the only thing I saw differently was a gui after I hit set with unchecked boxes, I selected Detailed User and ran the export. The export completed immediately and the generated text file only had my fields in it
      Object_Path Object_Name name displayname scriptpath profilepath homedrive homedirectory comment description employeeid pwdlastset userworkstations accountexpires useraccountcontrol lockouttime samaccountname lastlogon
      Can you tell me what I did wrong?


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        Re: LastLogon Query for specific OU

        Send a screen shot showing what you have setup to [email protected].