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Providing counts of objects being queried

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  • Providing counts of objects being queried

    I need to do queries (Exporter Pro or Hyena) for computers/servers and provide counts by OS versions, not the actual computer/server names.

    In addition, I need to break down the counts by the OU the computers/servers are in, but would like to truncate or filter the OU display to show only the OU name itself, not its entire LDAP or Distinguished string.

    How could I do this?


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    Re: Providing counts of objects being queried

    There isn't any way to do this in Hyena or Exporter Pro directly. There are two problems. First, neither Hyena or Exporter Pro will perform counting or grouping of data based on something. That has to done later using Excel, Access or some reporting tool.

    The other problem is that both Hyena and Exporter Pro lack any mechanism to change or manipulate data as it comes from AD. Both tools are limited to only getting the available attributes contained in the directory. Microsoft (to my knowledge) does not define a 'parentcontainer' attribute for any AD object. The two attributes that provide something close to what you want are:


    I think you have to manually enter them into any query, as they are both 'calculated values'. What you can sort of do is to export one of these and use the , character as the delimiter when you open the file with Excel, which will then put each value in its own column. If you objects (computers) are all stored in OUs at the same level deep in the directory, things will line up nicely.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Providing counts of objects being queried