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  • Complex AD Query

    I thought that this would be an easier task, but I am somewhat of a newbie to Hyena and Exporter Pro. Can someone help me with the following issue?

    I want to be able to export (daily) using a command line interface and a scheduled task all active users making sure that each row created for the user has the Sam Account Name, the group they are a member of and their displayed name. I want each user to be referenced not only to their top level group, but any group they are a member of by proxy.

    For example - user bob is a member of the graphics group. The graphics group is a member of the design group. The design group is a member of the marketing group. So I would like to see:

    bob graphics Jones, Bob
    bob design Jones, Bob
    bob marketing Jones, Bob

    …except not just for bob but the entire domain. Exporter Pro has been crashing on me when I try to do this with the checkbox to include indirect (nested) groups or if I try anything with the entire domain.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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    Re: Complex AD Query

    Send screenshots showing your configuration and steps you are taking to run this to [email protected].