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Capture NTFS Security on folders only

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  • Capture NTFS Security on folders only

    I am trying to view NTFS Security on a folder structure. I only want the security info on the folders, not the files. I tried Exporter Pro and it will only run on domains, computers, printers or AD objects.
    Option 3 under view NTFS Security gives both folders and all files.
    I'd like to get these folders and permissions in a .csv file so I can work with it. I am running Hyena v7.1b

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    Re: Capture NTFS Security on folders only

    Both Exporter Pro and Hyena can both do this, unless I'm not understanding your needs right. In Hyena, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the View NTFS Security... dialog for only showing the permissions for directories.

    Exporter Pro has a similar checkbox on the template that you have to setup for the directory scan. Exporter Pro has to have a template configured for the export of files and/or directories. Then, if you turn on the option to export the security, you can put that into another file. Let me know if this does not make any sense.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.