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Member of - incomplete output "Appl.....!"

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  • Member of - incomplete output "Appl.....!"


    I am trying to run a query that exports

    "Computer name" & "Member of"

    The problem is that the "Member of" field is not complete - it seems to run out of space and can't complete the query. Are query results limited by a certain number of characters?

    EG CN=Apps-C-EasyCD&DVDCreatorBasic6,OU=Application Assignment,OU=Global,OU=**** Organizational Units,DC=***,DC=com^CN=Apps-C-CiscoVPNClient,OU=Application Assignment,OU=Global,OU=**** Organizational Units,DC=*****,DC=com^CN=Apps-C-iPass,OU=Appl...!

    It seems as though Hyena or AD is unable to produce a complete listing, and as such the query is unreliable. (I am referring to the "OU=Appl....!"

    Can you help?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Member of - incomplete output "Appl.....!"

    Fields in the right window are limited to 255 characters, and unfortunately we are not able to change that. Your best option would be to use Exporter Pro under Tools->Exporter Pro. It writes directly to a file and is not limited to any number of characters.


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      Re: Member of - incomplete output "Appl.....!"

      The 255 character limit is a Windows limitation, not a Hyena one. Large fields, especially multi-valued fields are best exported using Exporter Pro, which as said writes to a file and can be easily then imported into Excel, etc.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.