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Actual Date of Password Expiration

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  • Actual Date of Password Expiration

    In ADUC, if you have the Additional Account Info tab available, there is a field that shows when the user's account will be locked out due to their password expiring. All of our users have to change their passwords every 90 days so at some date, if they have not changed their password, their account will be unavailable to them because the password has expired. How do I get this information for a specific Organizational Unit in a report so that I can remind them of a pending problem to keep my helpdesk request to a minimum with regards to their password expiring before they can change it.

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    Re: Actual Date of Password Expiration

    AD does not store the password expiration date; its a calculated value. There is a pwdlastset attribute in AD, and from this you can determine when the password as last set, and thereby use some math to determine when it would expire based on your policy.

    This is what the 'Additional Account Info' property page does in ADU&C.

    You can view the pwdlastset attribute by using the Query Active Directory -> User Detailed (General) query.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.