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Report/Backup of File ACL's

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Report/Backup of File ACL's

    The Exporter Pro utility that comes with Hyena can report ACL information to a delimited text file, and it can be scheduled using it's command line syntax and Windows Task Scheduler. We have no method to restore that information, though.

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  • nyaka
    started a topic Report/Backup of File ACL's

    Report/Backup of File ACL's

    Hello, I am looking at trying to backup/restore Windows File ACL's manually accross multiple servers.
    I know that when you backup and restore files to/from tape that the ACL's 'should' restore too, but I wanted to have an alternative available if everything goes pear shaped.
    We have newly converted file&print from Novell netware to Windows
    We used to have a facility when we were on netware to backup all file rights. I scheduled a task to run each day that would backup the file rights to an XML file. and then I could view or restore the file whenever.

    I have had a bit of a look at XCACLS tool, but wondered if Hyena can do this in a better fashion.

    Can Hyena create a report or backup of Windows file ACL's?
    If so, could this be used to restore the ACL's if needed?
    And, can it be scheduled via Hyena also?