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  • Software removal

    I ran a report in exporter that shows all of the software applications installed on the workstations. Is there a way in Hyena to remove applications from workstations?

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    Re: Software removal

    Not really, as software removal is something that Microsoft wants done locally. But there is a WMI method to do this in the class named Win32_Product. You probably have to create your own WMI query with this class as I don't think we have a pre-installed one for it. Win32_Product will use WMI, which probably uses Windows Installer, to get a list of installed applications. If the application was installed with Windows Installer, it should be listed and can be uninstalled. But this all uses WMI, so Hyena is not involved in the process.

    If you have trouble setting up the Win32_Product query, let support know.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.